Mike Cantwell, PE, NCE

UNICOM Engineering

Mr. Cantwell is the Global Regulatory Compliance Manager at UNICOM Engineering, a leading provider of purpose-built application platforms, appliances and lifecycle deployment services for software developers and OEMs serving storage, security and communications markets worldwide. In this role, he is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the regulatory certifications for company developed hardware platforms as well as those of many of UNICOM Engineering's customers.


Working in LabMr. Cantwell has built and managed several EMC laboratories: Digital’s EMC sites in Salem, New Hampshire, RheinTexas in Plano, Texas (now NTS), Flextronics Compliance Laboratory (now TÜV Rheinland) in Youngsville, North Carolina, and Nemko in Lewisville, TX. While at RheinTexas, Mr. Cantwell constructed the entire laboratory and prepared it for complete EMC testing including, FCC, CE marking, and GR-1089 testing. He had similar successes at Flextronics by expanding their existing laboratory.

He is a known expert in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and has applied these skills to the establishment of accredited laboratories and to the testing and design for compliance of his client’s products. His experience in systems interconnect, integration, and EMC/Immunity engineering has been demonstrated on many high performance computer, telecommunications, and medical products. This EMC engineering involves the evaluation and measurement of processor and I/O designs at the board, backplane, enclosure, and overall system levels for spurious emissions and to gauge the hardness of the components, sub-system, and system to the EN61000 series of immunity standards. Engineering successful EMC solutions for computers, networking hubs, bridges, routers, gateways, concentrators, and medical equipment was Michael’s principle responsibility at North East Systems Associates, a premier high speed digital design firm.

Other experience includes backplane design, power distribution analysis, and project management. While at Digital, Mr. Cantwell was responsible for the development of open field testing and anechoic chamber software development for the compliance of Digital’s mid range VAX and Alpha based servers. In that capacity, he was responsible for the qualification of all such systems and provided cost effective engineering changes to obtain compliance for them. These sites were among the first to be qualified to NVLAP standards and were the most requested site for testing at Digital with greater than 100% utilization. Prior to being engaged at the EMC test facilities, Mr. Cantwell was a member of the design team responsible for the power and packaging of several VAX midrange systems.

Educational and Professional Activities

Michael Cantwell is a graduate of the University of Lowell, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Cantwell is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and its Societies for Electromagnetic Compatibility and Product Safety. .

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