FCC Marketing Rules

The simple summary of § 2.803 and § 2.805 of the FCC rules pertaining to the marketing and/or operation of equipment before it complies with the FCC rules is that: "It is Prohibited". There are some exceptions such as the fact that it is OK to operate a device while it is being developed but if a product is found at a trade show before it complies, the proper labeling must be in place. And this includes brochures as well because the rules apply to marketing, as well as operating a device prior to authorization.

Labeling for EMC

Applicable to all products subject to Part 15 of the FCC rules.

The following requirements are required for any product that meets the description within each of the sections below. Only one of the following three sections would apply to any one product.

§ 15.19(a)(1):

Receivers associated with the operation of a licensed radio service, e.g., FM broadcast under part 73 of this chapter, land mobile operation under part 90, etc., shall bear the following statement in a conspicuous location on the device: